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Twitter REST API Method: trends available

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Returns the locations that Twitter has trending topic information for. The response is an array of "locations" that encode the location's WOEID (a Yahoo! Where On Earth ID) and some other human-readable information such as a canonical name and country the location belongs in.


The WOEID that is returned in the location object is to be used when querying for a specific trend.

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xml, json


HTTP Method:



Requires Authentication (about authentication):



API rate limited (about rate limiting):




  • lat.  Optional.  If passed in conjunction with long, then the available trend locations will be sorted by distance to the lat and long passed in.  The sort is nearest to furthest.
  • long.  Optional.  See lat.


Response (about return values): 

          XML example (truncated):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<locations type="array">



<name>San Francisco</name>

<placeTypeName code="7">Town</placeTypeName>

<country type="Country" code="US">United States</country>






          JSON example (truncated):









"country":"United Kingdom",








Usage examples: 

cURL (about cURL):

curl http://api.twitter.com/1/trends/available.json


          Do you have an example to share in the language of your choice? Please share!


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